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Garage door tracks are simple and efficient. They help guide the rollers when the door is being raised or lowered. When the tracks or rollers are no longer in good shape, the door may become difficult and noisy to operate. Garage door tracks are available in many lengths and a few widths. Length differences allow for use with different size doors. The same is true for width differences, although for most residential purposes the tracks measure 2 in. wide. Tracks on older doors are often much thicker and heavier than those used on newer doors. That's because the garage doors themselves are often considerably lighter than they used to be. Garage tracks really should not rust, but they can get clogged with dirt   Repair Garage Door
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Special Offers   A typical garaged door track is actually composed of two or three parts on each side of the door. Vertical track runs straight up from the floor. This part attaches to curved track that shifts the door from its vertical to a horizontal path. Sometimes the curved section connects with a separate, straight horizontal section. Other types of track have the curved section integrated with the horizontal section. Garage tracks really should not rust, but they can get clogged with dirt and debris.

And in some parts of the country road salt can undermine the galvanization and cause the metal to corrode. The rollers that run up and down the tracks are also prone to wearing down. Replacing rollers is an easy job as long as you get the right size. Two-inch wide track uses what are usually called 2-in. rollers, but the diameter of those rollers will likely be less than 2 in. When shopping for replacement rollers, you will find both steel and nylon products.

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  Faulty garage door can also cause problems with the operation of the garage door. And the cables on the garage door can become worn and even break, which can lead to more serious problems if the cables aren't replaced right away. That's why it is a good idea to periodically perform some inspection on your garage door, paying special attention to the tracks and rollers. Another way garage door tracks can be damaged is if you bump into them (with a car, motorcycle or some other heavy object). The newer, thinner tracks in particular can be bent with such contact. When that happens, it is usually best simply to replace the track.
As technology evolves, openers and entry systems also gets updated and more high-tech! With Stafford Garage Door, we can provide you with the latest and most High-tech garage door openers and entry systems for your access and control needs. Stafford Garage Door caters your needs by selling, installing and repairing your entry systems and openers. We have a lot of entry systems and openers manufactured by the best companies available for you. And we are looking forward to installing the right one that meets your needs. Garage door openers are electronic or motorized devices which function to open and close garage doors. Most models for this device type include switches and remote controls depending on the brand or manufacturer.   Fix Garage Door Spring
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  Whether you are using electric openers or remote control features, garage door opener replacement is inevitable especially if you have it installed for a very long time. Garage doors are after all the most frequently used home exterior feature. There are various issues and defects you may encounter with your garage door openers mainly non-functioning remote controls and defective components such as torques, gears, sprocket, trolleys and safety beams among others. We deserve unparalleled services especially in getting the most efficient and secured replacement solutions for garage door openers.
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